• $8.50/ Square Foot

Square cut flagstone

Square cut flagstone dimensions

Our square cut flagstone is made of natural stone of grey color. It's thickness is 1". A crate contains the pieces of three different sizes: 12" x 12", 12" x 18", and 12" x 24", making it possible to lay the flagstone in patterns. Currently, we have about 200 square feet of this flagstone left (updated on Sept. 18, 2020).

The appearance of Square cut flagstone:

Where to buy square cut or random flagstone in Barrie?

You can pick up different flagstone from our yard in Barrie or order the delivery: online on this website, over the phone 705.728.5448, or online on thiss website.

Flagstone delivery

We deliver for extra cost: $60+tax a truck ride if the delivery point is in Barrie. Delivery costs to other locations are listed on our Delivery page (at the very bottom of it.)

With our 10ft x 20ft truck equipped by a portable crane, we can unload flagstone gently and put it as close to the job site as possible. Out truck can deliver 3 - 4 skids of flagstone at a time.

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NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.