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Large flat pebbles

Entertain your guests or kids with these cute pebbles of various shades and colours. Go rock balancing in your yard!

The size of the pebbles is 6 to 8 inches on average. Weight: 2 to 7 pounds.

About rock balancing

Rock balancing with the stones taken from natural biocenosis (like a river bank) is now considered wilderness vandalism. Why? One of the reasons is the disturbance to the little creatures who make their home under the stones. Beetles, worms, and other inhabitants of the wilderness suffer or even die if you suddenly move the stone.

Some people think stone balancing brings them serenity and peace of mind. But how can you feel peace being a disaster for the live creatures that do their good work in the fragile natural environment? There are other reasons NOT to do stone balancing in the natural environment, especially in natural parks. I will tell you about them later.

If you want your stone balancing practice to be harmless to nature, have your set of balancing stones at home. Our smooth pebbles are tumbled for you to enjoy in your home or garden.

In the picture below, the top pebble is wet. Just to show you what it looks like when wet. They look nice around a pond or swimming pool.

Apart from the pebbles, we carry other stones you can use for rock balancing.


For many years, peoples of the Arctic region of North America made inukshuks, stone structures created by rock-balancing. Inukshuk should not necessarily be a man-like structure. It may be of any shape. Stability and visual attractiveness are the key factors here.

We made the inukshuk (in the picture below) in our yard by naturally balancing stones. No glue was used. Just using gravity to keep the stones together, same as in old times. Having his head of black jasper, this inikshuk is smart:)

You can buy the Inukshuk you see in the picture. If you buy it we disassemble it for you. You pick up the stones and rebalance them at home to recreate the Inukshuk. The price is $100+tax.

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Last updated on July 7, 2022

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