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Amethyst Rock

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Where our amethyst rocks come from?

They were extracted from a mine at the north shore of Lake Superior.

Uses of amethyst rock: landscaping, carving, and even magic

Our Ontario Canadian amethysts in host rock can be used as accent stones for landscaping.The color of amethyst and its host rock is particularly distinctive when the stone is wet. It keeps a flower bed or rock garden attractive in cold season.

Other uses of the amethyst rocks include stone carving. Some stone carvers like to play with the complex structure of the host rock containing amethysts crystals of various colors and sizes, sometimes large, sometimes small, sometimes only visible in the microscope. These rocks boost fantasy and creativity as they are pieces of art themselves created by The Nature billions years ago.

Some people believe amethyst provides clarity of mind, so amethyst-containing rocks are kept at their desks to inspire right business decisions. They also use amethyst for meditations.

Due to amethyst was adopted as Ontario's official mineral to represent the mineral wealth of the province, the rocks can make good Ontario souvenirs for a proper audience.

What is amethyst?

Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz, and its chemical formula is SiO2. It usually forms crystals in cracks and cavities of the host rock. The color and size of the crystals depend on the conditions of the crystallization that may vary during the crystallization period. It is believed that the purple color develops due to the inclusion of micro quantities of iron ions in the crystals plus gamma irradiation of the rock. Usually amethyst is purple, but the color may be different.

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