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Moss covered rocks

ost of our mossy rocks can be handled manually by one person, but some require 2 people to handle.

Landscaping with mossy rocks

Moss and mossy rocks are great landscaping elements that are often underestimated. Just a few ideas on how moss can invigorate some dull and boring spots of your yard.

  • Put mossy rocks in a very shady area, where grass and other plants grow poorly.
  • Use mossy rocks in shady rock gardens.
  • Decorate a waterfall or pond edge with mossy rocks
  • Landscape with mossy rocks on the northern side of your raised bed.
  • Put mossy rocks into a flooded area. They will thrive there

Mossy rocks decorate your garden when most of the plants are inactive: in winter, spring, and fall. In dry and hot summers, mossy rocks are less showy, but they create a sophisticated background to bright flowers and foliage. If you place mossy rocks in a shady area where the air is humid (for example, near a waterfall or pond) they will be bright and picturesque all year round.

Taller mosses prefer shadow under the trees rather than solid shade. Low-growing mosses survive well in a denser shadow. Some tall-growing mosses can grow on the full sun in a cooler climate, but the air has to be humid. In the dry season, they dry up and wait for the humid season to be bright green again. They don't need lots of care but will reward you with brighter color if you create humidity for them.

Some of the plants we call "mosses" are lichens, a symbiosis of fungi and algae.

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