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Jasper stone, rough

Jasper for sale

The price is $0.25/lb.

Our boulders of Jasper (like in the picture below) vary in sizes from 0.5' to 2'. You can use this stone for landscaping, aquascape, tumbling or carving.

You can pick up stones in our yard during office hours posted on the Contact page of this website.

Jasper properties

Jasper consists of tiny crystals of silica (SiO2) naturally mixed up with other substances, and the stone's properties depend on the whole composition.

Stone's hardness is important for tumbling or carving the material. Jasper's hardness (by Mohs hardness scale) is 6.5 to 7. This value is ideal for carving stones. Jasper is soft enough to be easily cut and hard enough to ensure enough strength for the articles made of it.

You cannot easily scratch Jasper with a knife. If a stone looks sort of Jasper but gets scratched with a knife easily, it is not real Jasper. This is one of the signs of real Jasper. Another sign is that a piece of Jasper can scratch glass, but a piece of glass cannot scratch Jasper.

Jasper stone colour

Don't even try to identify Jasper by its colour only as they are so diverse. The colour depends on the composition. Jasper can be dark red, orange, yellow, beige, brown, green, tan, blue, grey, and black.

In particular, red hues in Jasper happen due to iron oxide content. The iron can be in different oxidation states, so the iron compounds' colours vary from orange to dark red.

Jasper's colour and pattern variation are one of the reasons people love this stone.

The image below shows the natural texture of a beige boulder of Jasper in our yard. The video of this boulder is below the image.

Banded iron rocks

In the picture below, our jasper rock you seen in the first picture was photographed wet. This picture gives you an idea of what the stone looks like when polished or used for aquascaping.

Bands of colour are very common to Jasper, unlike agate. The below rocks are examples of banded iron formations consisting of alternating layers of iron oxide-rich areas (red bands) and iron-poor ones (dark grey bands). Such stones are older than 1.7 billion years!

There are different theories on how banded iron rocks were created. Still, one thing is clear: some conditions existed on the Earth earlier than 1.7 billion years that made it possible for banded iron rocks' creation and such conditions never appeared again.

Jasper stone benefits

Some people believe Jasper has magical properties. They suggest frequent decision-makers keep Jasper at their workplace to focus, decide, and switch from thinking to doing easily.

As a semi-presious stone, Jasper is ideal for tumbling, carving, or engraving. People are rejoiced by decorative elements, jewellery, and sculptures made of this relatively easy-to-carve stone from ancient times.

You can use rough jasper in landscaping. It looks gorgeous with foliage, grass, and water features.

In aquascape, wet Jasper looks even more impressive.

A nice piece of rough Canadian Jasper itself can be a good Canadian souvenir. Billions of years old banded iron formations with Jasper are witnesses of the early history of the Earth, and they look great!

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Last updated: June 14, 2022

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