• Price: $180.00

Terragrid B100, high-quality geogrid for reinforcement of soils behind retaining walls. made in the USA. Every roll has a number to track the quality. 4X50

  • Price: $11.00

3' x 25' roll of professional quality puncture resistant weed barrier for flower beds, under mulches, under decorative stone

  • Price: $210.00

Weight 4.19oz/yd2; GrabTensile 100lbs; Grab Elongation 50 %; Trapezoid Tear 50lbs; CBR Puncture 308 lbs; Permittivity 1.7sec-1; Flow Rate 150 gpm/ft2, UV

  • Price: $4.99

Hanpave grid makes it possible to create a permeable parking lot on grass or gravel and is capable of handling extreme loads, for example, heavy vehicles.

  • Price: $15.00

HDGG is used for heavy vehicle traffic with 20-year warranty. It is 100% resistant to freeze/thaw cycles and breakage.