Natural Stone for Patios and Walkways

  • Price: $40.00

Coarser alternative to sand to use under flagstone and paving stones. Packs well, capable to create a smooth surface. Soil amrndment substance.

  • Price: $60.00

THE PRICE IS PER SQUARE METER. Random flagstone made of durable natural quartzite. Thickness: 3/4 to 1 inch. Blue.

  • Price: $60.00

THE PRICE IS PER SQUARE METER. Colors: brown bronze and dark blue/grey.

  • Price: $0.27

For your estimations, you can use the price for this flag as $4+tax a sq ft or $43+tax a sq meter. We sell it 0.27/lb.

  • Price: $27.00

1 unit is a 50 Lb (22.7 kg) bag of beige polymeric sand. Usage: filling joints between pieces of paving material.

  • Price: $0.25

Limestone garden edging 2.5"x4" with random length and natural texture. The 2 dimension uniformity makes it attractive​ and easy to install.