Stone for Retaining Walls

10-inch armor stone, grey
  • Price: $850.00

$850/skid. Ordinary limestone armor stone. The price is for pick up. Extra charge for delivery, We deliver from 1 to 3 skids per truck ride.

a skid of dark grey armor stone
  • Price: $850.00

Every skid contains armor stones of the same height and random length and width.

12x12-in stone blocks
  • Price: $800.00

The blocks are well stackable. 4-6 pieces/skid: 17 linear feet on average. The posted price is for pick up in Barrie. Delivery is extra.

12x12 limestone block
  • Price: $650.00

$650/skid. Excellent for making walls: its bed depth (width) is constant and smaller than that of usual armour stone.

  • Price: $850.00

Buy online or offline. Skid weight: 2 tons+. The pieces are 10 and 12 inches high. Usage: retaining walls and other garden structures..

mini armor stone
  • Price: $850.00

$850/skid. It can be handled manually. The average weight of a block is 75 lb.

16-inch high armor stone
  • Price: $850.00

16" armour stone.

8x8 wiarton blocks
  • Price: $900.00

900/skid,$0.29/lb. Easy to stack and level due to the uniform heights and depth. Rock-face.

limestone edging 4x6
  • Price: $0.30

​Limestone garden edging 4"x6" with random length and unique natural pattern of alternating dark and light layers.

4x4-inch limestone edging
  • Price: $0.30

Limestone garden edging of various (4"x4", 4x5, & 4x6) cross-sections. The length is random. $0.30/lb or buy a whole skid (4000+ lbs) for $1212.