Do you know that a bare gravel driveway is not only affordable but one of the best functioning solutions? Unlike asphalt, concrete, or similar paving material, in wet conditions gravel surface easily wicks away the water and keeps the vehicle traction. Nevertheless, gravel driveway does not work too well in Barrie due to lots of snowplowing in winter that is inconvenient on a gravel driveway. So use gravel for summer or temporary driveways.

When paving with solid materials, you need using aggregates underneath to provide drainage and mechanical properties. French drain is strongly recommended where the water is an issue. It is a trench filled with aggregate with a pipe to take water away. The redirected water can be used in rain garden.

Depending on your conditions, you can use various Limestone aggregates for your driveway.

Driveway potholes look messy and are bad for your car. It is easier to fix them immediately because they tend to grow and never disappear on their own.

Why do they appear at all? Because the water stays under driveway surface!

To avoid potholes in your driveway, take care of the drainage:

Make your driveway surface higher over the surrounding area
Level it evenly and make sure the driveway central axis is a few inches higher than the sides
To fix an existing pothole, fill it with Granular A, Crusher Run or Limestone screenings (depending on the size of the pothole) and compact well. Repeat the procedure if you notice that the affected surface sunk below the driveway surface.