Flagstone prices

Flagstone price depends on the flagstone's thickness and the material. Granite flagstone is much more expensive than limestone one, for example.

It is good to have the idea of flagstone price per square foot for your estimation of your project cost. This characteristic can be only applied approximately, as the footage of flagstone depends on how you are going to lay the material: with the spaces between the tiles or without.

Thinner flagstone is more expensive per skid, if the material and the processing are the same. The reason for the price difference is you can cover a larger area with a skid of thinner flagstone than with a skid of thicker one:

How thick is flagstone? Can be from less than an inch thick to 3 and more inches thick. A patio's most popular flagstone thickness is from 1 to 2 inches. If made of limestone, thinner than 1-inch limestone flagstone is not strong enough , while thicker than 2-3 inches is hard to cut, too heavy to handle, and much more expensive per square foot.

Granite is a stronger material, so even less than an inch-hick is strong.

You can check the current natural flagstone prices on our Flagstone category page. They are regularly updated.

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