Delivery and Pick up Services:

Yard Pick Up:

All products sold are available for pick up at our yard, located at 44 Hart Drive, Barrie ON. We have a loader that is equipped with a half yard & yard bucket, we will load your material in your vehicle for you. If you do not have access to a truck or trailer, you have the option to bring your own recycling bin, tote, or pail and fill it with loose material. Please do not remove any of our product from our yard without authorization from our staff.

Delivery Services:

Please note, when ordering two products we can only take 5 yards of one, and 3 yards of the other. If you are purchasing more than two products, you will be charged an additional delivery fee.

All loose bulk material can be delivered (stone aggregate, mulch, soils, etc) though some of our products found online cannot be ordered for delivery through our online portal and must be ordered by phone at 705-728-5448. Our material is not delivered in bags, all of our product is loose.

If you are interested in purchasing our smaller, bagged material (grass seed, plastic pavers, landscape fabrics) it must be ordered along with a loose bulk material to be delivered with no extra delivery fee. Otherwise, it must be purchased and picked up at our in store location.

Our delivery services are operating from sunrise to sundown, outside of our yard operation hours. We do our very best to deliver materials on your preferred date, though delivery schedules are subject to change due to weather and traffic conditions. Please remove all vehicles out of the driveway on the date of your delivery in order for a quick and hassle-free drop off. We reserve the right to drop your load of material where possible if the drop-off location is not prepared. If you require your material dropped in a specific location, please get in touch with our office by email or phone. We do not require you to be present during delivery.

Our Truck:

Our dump truck is 10 feet wide and 20 feet long. Our truck has a weight capacity of 8 tons, therefore we can carry:

  • 7 yards of A-Gravel/Crusher Run
  • 12 yards of Black Mulch
  • 8 yards of other stone aggregates and river rock
  • 2-3 skids of stone

Our truck is equipped with a splitter, enabling us to deliver two different products in the same delivery without them being mixed. If you require more than two products for your project, please note that we can take 5 yards of one product, and 3 of another. If you require more product than what our truck allows, you will be charged accordingly for the delivery cost.

All material is gently dropped in the discussed drop off location. You may place a tarp where you would like your material dropped, and our driver will do his best to place it directly on the tarp. When we are delivering skids or stone materials, our truck is equipped with an arm that allows us to lift the skid/stone and place it 2 feet from the back of the truck.

Please contact us by email or phone if you require more information about our delivery services.

Load Restriction Season:

During the Load Restriction Season (March, April, May) additional delivery costs may be charged to you for ordering more than 4 yards, and the delivery requires driving on roads that are under load restriction.

Delivery Rates Below, Please contact us if you do not see your location on our list!

Delivery Rates

Barrie: $90.00
Alcona: $125.00
Allenwood: $140.00
Alliston: $155.00
Angus: $110.00
Anten Mills: $120.00
Apto ON: $115.00
Atherley: $150.00
Aurora: $230.00
Avening: $145.00
Balm Beach: $170.00
Baysville: $300.00
Beeton: $170.00
Belle Ewart: $150.00
Big Bay Point: $125.00
Blue Mountain: $245.00
Bond Head: $140.00
Borden: $125.00
Bradford: $145.00
Brechin: $185.00
Churchill (Innisfil): $125.00
Coldwater: $130.00
Colingwood: $145.00
Cookstown: $125.00
Craighurst: $115.00
Creemore: $155.00
East Gwillimbury: $190.00
Edenvale: $120.00
Elmvale: $135.00
Essa: $115.00
Everett: $150.00
Fenelon Falls: $265.00
Georgetown: $270.00
Glencairn: $135.00
Gravenhurst: $220.00
Hillsburgh ON: $260.00
Hillsdale: $135.00
Hockley Valley: $205.00
Holland Landing: $190.00
Honeywood ON: $165.00
Horseshoe Valley: $115.00
Innisfil: $125.00
Keswick: $300.00
Kimberley: $280.00
King City: $250.00
Lefroy: $140.00
Lindsay: $350.00
Lisle: $140.00
Longford Mills ON: $180.00
Loretto: $175.00
Mansfield: $165.00
Maple: $230.00
Markham: $300.00
Midhurst: $105.00
Midland: $240.00
Milton: $550.00
Minesing: $115.00
Missisauga: $295.00
Moonstone: $180.00
Mount Albert: $300.00
Mulmur: $165.00
Nestleton: $285.00
New Lowel: $130.00
Newmarket: $200.00
Nobleton: $250.00
Norland ON: $300.00
Nottawa: $180.00
Orangeville: $220.00
Orillia: $170.00
Oro-Medonte: $140.00
Penetanguishene: $260.00
Phelpston: $125.00
Pickering: $370.00
Port Carling: $300.00
Port McNicol: $240.00
Port Stanton: $190.00
Richmond Hill: $250.00
Shanty Bay: $110.00
Shelburne: $200.00
Shomberg: $165.00
Snow Valley: $110.00
Springwater: $130.00
Stayner: $180.00
Stroud: $115.00
Sunderland: $235.00
Tay: $165.00
Terra Cota: $320.00
Thornbury ON: $300.00
Thornhill: $275.00
Thornton: $115.00
Tiny: $170.00
Toronto: $300.00
Tottenham: $175.00
Udora, On: $250.00
Uxbridge: $300.00
Vaughan: $270.00
Victoria Harbour: $200.00
Warminister ON: $185.00
Wasaga beach: $210.00
Washago: $170.00
Waubaushene: $220.00
Waverley: $145.00
Woodbridge: $300.00
Woodland Beach (Wasaga): $210.00