Delivery and Pick up

Yard visiting and pick-ups

We don't sell any materials by blue boxes in our yard.

We sell bulk products (gravels, river rocks, etc.) only in bulk by loading 0.5 or more cubic yards of material by our loader into your open pick-up truck or trailer.

Ordering truck delivery of bulk materials (gravels, sand, etc.)

You can buy bulk materials (like 3/4 crusher run, High-Performance Bedding, triple mix, and others) online and over the phone at 705.728.5448.

To order online, click Products at the top of the screen, pick the desired category and product, and proceed with your online order if you dee "add to cart" button below the product picture. Some of our products are not sold online (the "add to cart" button is absent next to a product picture.) It may be temporarily or permanently. But you can see our product's prices, pictures, and descriptions on this website. The product can still be available for sale. Contact us for more info.

If you include small items (like grass seed, grass pavers, or landscape fabrics) in your large volume (bulk) order that we deliver by truck, then the small items will be delivered by the same truck with no extra cost. You can order such mixed delivery online or by phone.

When completing your online order form, you will see a drop list of towns and villages. Select it according to your delivery address, and the respective delivery cost will be charged at the checkout. The drop-out list may miss the town or village where your delivery point is. If the trip to your place from our yard in Barrie is up to 80 km, please get in touch with us with your address or coordinates. We may schedule your order and add your location to our delivery cost database to order online next time.

Scroll down this page to see the list of the cities/locations with the respective delivery costs. You need to add 13% HST tax to the costs.

Same-day, next day, or later delivery

When ordering online, you can schedule the delivery for the next day or later. When ordering by phone, we can schedule your same-day delivery if the already scheduled deliveries allow us. Scheduling a later date delivery is also available by phone.

"What time shall my order be delivered?"

Your order can be delivered anytime from sunrise to sunset on the date scheduled. Our delivery time is beyond our office hours, so don't panic if our posted office hours are over, but your order has not arrived yet. Look at the sun instead.

Please, keep your vehicles off the driveway to ensure quick and hassle-free unloading. Remember that if you are not ready for immediate unloading your order, we will not deliver somebody else�s order on time, and the driver will have to work long hours.

You don't need to be at home when your order arrives; most orders are delivered when nobody is home. If the time of arrival is important to you for a serious reason, please get in touch with us.

If you want us to dump at a specific place other than your driveway, you can send us a picture with the mark where to dump.

Buying small items, like bags of seed, fabric, etc

METHOD 1: include small items in your large volume (bulk) order that we deliver by truck, then the small items will be delivered by the same truck with no extra cost. You can order such mixed delivery online or by phone.

The delivery price (one truck ride) is $60+tax in the city of Barrie. The ride out of Barrie is more expensive and charged based on the location to deliver. Please, check the truck ride rate to your location at the bottom of this page.

METHOD 2: pick up in the yard.

Our truck dimensions and capacity

We deliver your order with a dump truck that is about 10 feet wide and 20' long. It holds up to 7 cubic yards of A Gravel, up to 12 cubic yards of mulch, or up to 8 cubic yards of any other bulk product. The truck's weight carrying capacity is 8 tons (i. e. 2 to 3 skids of flagstone, or other heavyweight products, like boulders or steps.)

Unloading your order: we do it gently and close to the job place

With our 10ft x 20ft truck equipped with a portable crane (see the picture above), we can unload the skidded stone gently and put it as close to the job site as it is possible with our equipment. Here you can see it in the motion:

It happens our customer asks us to place the stone in a poorly accessible spot. Our portable crane can reach 2 ft from the back of the truck. If our truck has enough space for backing up to reach a distance of 2 ft away from the placement spot, the job is likely doable.

Where to dump?

We reserve our right to dump your load wherever possible if the place to unload is not ready. Usually, we leave the delivered products on your driveway if there are no other instructions in detail. The site should provide enough room for our truck to reach. Our truck is about 10 feet wide and 20' long.

If you want us to dump at a specific place other than your driveway, you can send us a picture with the mark where to dump.

Two and more products in one load

Our truck can carry maximum 3 skids in one truckload. If you order more than 3 skids delivery or 3 skids plus some bulk product(s), you have to pay for extra truck ride(s).

If you order 2 skids, then maximum 2 yards of only one loose product can be added to the same truckload.

If you order 1 skid, then maximum 4 yards of only one loose product can be added to the same truckload.

Our truck can carry maximum 8 cubic yards of a single loose product in one truckload in most cases. The exceptions are: Crusher run (max 7 cubic yards/truckload), Granular A (max 7 cubic yards/truckload), and cedar mulch (max 12 cubic yards/truckload.)

We can deliver two loose products (like gravel and sand) in one load and dump them in two different piles. The quantity should not exceed 3 cubic yards of one product and 5 cubic yards of the other if the two products are delivered in one truckload and dumped separately.

3 and more different loose products (for example, sand, crusher run, and HPB) are not possible in one load. So you have to order extra delivery or deliveries and pay accordingly.

Small items (like seeds, landscape or filter cloth, a few stones or ground grids, etc.) can be added to a truckload with the loose and/or skidded products and delivered at no extra cost (if the space is available in the truckload.)

To deliver small items separately from loose or skidded products, we require separate payments for delivery.

No big bags or crates

Sorry, we do NOT supply any bulk products in big bags, small bags, or crates. Our delivery services are lean and environmentally friendly: we usually dump a pile or two of the materials on the customer�s driveway or another place (if agreed in advance.)

No worries about what to do with the big bags, and no worries about your driveway damage too. Nobody ever complains we damage the pavement with the products unloaded. We do it gently.


DURING THE LOAD RESTRICTION TIME (END OF MARCH, APRIL, BEGINNING OF MAY), THE DELIVERY COST IS INCREASED FOR THE LOADS EXCEEDING 4 CUBIC YARDS IF THE DELIVERY INVOLVES DRIVING OVER THE ROADS UNDER RESTRICTION. In this period, if the order requires extra truck rides, we will charge extra for deliveries or postpone the order fulfillment until the road restriction is over.

Other questions

For other questions you may have, please refer to our FAQ's page or contact us.

Delivery Rates

Alcona: $124.00
Allenwood: $141.00
Alliston: $152.00
Angus: $110.00
Anten Mills: $115.00
Apto ON: $116.00
Atherley: $150.00
Aurora: $185.00
Avening: $144.00
Balm Beach: $169.00
Barrie: $90.00
Baysville: $262.00
Beaverton: $230.00
Beeton: $161.00
Belle Ewart: $131.00
Big Bay Point: $123.00
Big shute: $225.00
Bloomington: $216.00
Blue Mountain: $215.00
Bolton: $215.00
Bond Head: $141.00
Borden: $124.00
Bradford: $144.00
Brampton: $250.00
Brechin: $182.00
Brock: $224.00
Caledon: $250.00
Churchill (Innisfil): $115.00
Coldwater: $127.00
Colingwood: $143.00
Concord: $220.00
Cookstown: $124.00
Craighurst: $115.00
Creemore: $153.00
East Gwillimbury: $187.00
Edenvale: $121.00
Elmwale: $135.00
Essa: $115.00
Everett: $152.00
Fenelon Falls: $264.00
Georgetown: $268.00
Glencairn: $134.00
Gravenhurst: $219.00
Hillsburgh ON: $259.00
Hockley Valley: $204.00
Holland Landing: $166.00
Honeywood ON: $165.00
Horseshoe Valley: $115.00
Innisfil: $115.00
Keswick: $199.00
Kimberley: $230.00
King City: $196.00
Lefroy: $129.00
Lindsay: $283.00
Lisle: $140.00
Longford Mills ON: $177.00
Loretto: $176.00
Mansfield: $163.00
Maple: $230.00
Markham: $238.00
Midhurst: $105.00
Midland: $174.00
Milton: $262.00
Minesing: $115.00
Moonstone: $150.00
Mount Albert: $206.00
Mount Forest ON: $273.00
Mulmur: $162.00
Nestleton: $283.00
New Lowel: $129.00
Newmarket: $180.00
Nobleton: $180.00
Norland ON: $245.00
Nottawa: $181.00
Oakville: $271.00
Orangeville: $220.00
Orillia: $152.00
Oro-Medonte: $137.00
Penetanguishene: $178.00
Phelpston: $125.00
Pickering: $271.00
Port Carling: $260.00
Port McNicol: $174.00
Port Perry: $263.00
Port Severn: $171.00
Port Stanton: $189.00
Richmond Hill: $250.00
Scarborough: $265.00
Shanty Bay: $108.00
Shelburne: $199.00
Shomberg: $162.00
Snow valley: $110.00
Springwater: $130.00
Stayner: $155.00
Stroud: $111.00
Sunderland: $234.00
Tay: $164.00
Terra Cota: $256.00
Thornbury ON: $230.00
Thornhill: $230.00
Thornton: $109.00
Tiny: $171.00
Toronto: $260.00
Tottenham: $172.00
Udora, Ontario: $225.00
Uxbridge: $264.00
Vaughan: $220.00
Victoria Harbour: $176.00
Warminister ON: $161.00
Wasaga beach: $154.00
Washago: $169.00
Waubaushene: $163.00
Waverley: $143.00
Woodbridge: $200.00
Woodland Beach (Wasaga): $151.00